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Cultural Routes & Parks

DIAZOMA Association harnesses the synergy between citizens, institutions, local authorities, donors, and European funding programs, notably the European Union’s National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF), and contributes to the creation and implementation of novel and holistic programs. The twofold goal of these programs is to preserve and restore historical monuments and to place them at the heart of sustainable development. Cultural routes and archaeological-environmental parks are the flagship programs but DIAZOMA contributes to the development of other EU-supported programs such as these of “Sustainable Urban Development” (SUD), Integrated Territorial Investments (I.T.I.) and “Community-led Local Development” (CLLD). Admittedly, the implementation of all of these programs is an unprecedented opportunity for our country to promote its cultural heritage and environmental beauty and benefit from them.

Comprehensive and detailed documentation on the programs is available concerning the organizational structure of Cultural Routes & Archaeological parks in various regions of the country. Each program focuses on the defining cultural characteristics of a particular Region.

The following studies present a conceptual overview of the Cultural Route program, as well as information on Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) programs.