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Ancient Theater of Kabireion of Thebes

Progress of Works
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  • Diazoma has opened a special bank account (money box) for the ancient theater of Kabireion of Thebes.
  • The Programmatic Agreement was signed in December 13, 2013. With the agreement, the Region of Central Greece undertakes to finance with € 50,000 the program for the enhancement of the ancient theatre.

The program includes the following work units:

  1. Archaeological cleaning of all the disclosed antiquities, excavation research where it is absolutely necessary.
  2. Study for the mapping and surveying of the archaeological site and the decumbent archaeological material.
  3. Full photographic documentation and aerial photography.
  4. Mapping the decay. Diagnosis of the decay (study of materials). Assessment of past interventions.
  5. Study of the ancient drainage system and possible works for its repair so that it can operate again.
  6. Demolition of the old shed that was built during the excavations and construction of shelter for the archaeological material found on site.
  7. Signage – information signs.