Quest Group

“Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship”

Quest Group is one of the largest, dynamically growing on a solid financial basis, Hellenic Group of Companies. The parent company of the Group is Quest Holdings, which is founded in 1981 as Info-Quest and has been listed on the ATHEX since 1998. A pioneer in the field of Technology,  Quest Group, has associated its name with the development of the IT market for 40 years and with the introduction and development of new technologies in Greece. Today, the companies of the Group are active in the fields of Trade of Information Products & Telecommunications, Information Services, Financial-Electronic Transactions, Courier and Postal Services and Green Energy, with a presence in Greece, the Southeastern Mediterranean and Europe. Aiming at value creation through business excellence, the Group and its Companies expect to play a leading role in the markets in which they operate, developing based on the principles of sustainable development and driving the people and values ​​of the Group.

Info Quest Technologies: Largest Distributor of ICT and Mobility / IoT Products and Cloud Services

iSquare: Official Distributor of Apple products in Greece and Cyprus

Quest Online – www.you.gr: Online Store

iStorm: Apple Premium Reseller Chain in Greece and Cyprus

Uni Systems: A leading provider of integrated Digital Transformation solutions

Cardlink: Online Transactions Management

ACS Courier: Largest Greek Courier company

Quest Energy: Renewable Energy Sources

Corporate annual subscription; 5.000 €