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€101,469.61IN DONATIONS

J.M. Kaplan Foundation: €81,070.13 on 13/02/2018

TERRA SPARTA ltd: €200.00 on 29/12/2017


Efstathios Bekiaris: €1,000.00

Gitiadas Association: €1,199.48

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Ancient theatre of Sparta

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The ancient theatre of Sparta, built around 30-20 B.C., is located north of the contemporary city of Sparta, and remains a distinguished monument to this day.

Its size was  impressive as it was one of the largest ancient theatres, holding a capacity of 16,000 spectators, following the tradition of the earlier Peloponnesian theatres of Epidaurus and Megalopolis.

NameDateAmount (€)
J.M. Kaplan Foundation13/02/201881.070.13
TERRA SPARTA ltd29/12/2017200.00
Efstathios Bekiaris1.000.00
Gitiadas Association1.199.48


ExpenditureDateAmount (€)
Ancient theatre of Sparta Απόδοση παρακρατούμενου φόρου για μελέτη Ορεστίδη – 11/20128.000.00
Ancient theatre of Sparta Απόδοση παρακρατούμενου φόρου μελέτης – 27/06/20134.000.00
Ancient theatre of Sparta ΠΑΡΑΚΡΑΤΟΥΜΕΝΟΣ ΦΟΡΟΣ ΜΕΛΕΤΗΣ Γ.ΟΡΕΣΤΙΔΗ –4.000.00
Ancient theatre of Sparta ΠΡΟΣΚΛΗΣΕΙΣ ΕΚΔΗΛΩΣΗΣ (18/12/13)209.10
Ancient theatre of Sparta ΤΟΠΟΓΡΑΦΙΚΗ ΜΕΛΕΤΗ – 07/04/2015615.00
Ancient theatre of Sparta ΦΟΡΟΣ ΜΕΛΕΤΗΣ Γ. ΟΡΕΣΤΙΔΗ2.000.00
Funding LevelFunding SourceWorks DescriptionRemarks

The New York-based J.M. Kaplan Foundation donation

$100,000 (€81,070.13) for the enhancement of the theatre in order to reinforce the first phase of the associated restoration works (February, 2018)


Stavros Niarchos Foundation

• With a sponsorship of € 111,000.00 by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, “DIAZOMA” commissioned the architect-engineer, Mr. William Orestidis and his team, for a study of the restoration of the monument, which will include the architectural depictions of the monument, the recording of its pathology, archival research and the collection of photographic material and other evidence for the excavations, the recording and investigation of scattered architectural members, and finally proposals for the restoration and promotion of the theatre .
• The signing of a Framework Agreement between the Region of the Peloponnese, the Regional Unity of Lakonia, and the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs is also in progress, for the amount of 100,000.00 €, for the additional excavation research and the topographical and architectural depiction of the monument.
• On Wednesday, July 10, 2013, during the meeting of the Board of Directors of the DIAZOMA Association, the scholar, architect-engineer, Mr. William Orestidis, presented to the members of the board the study that he prepared for the restoration of the ancient theatre of Sparta.
• The study was received by a special committee of the DIAZOMA Association, and was sent for approval to the relevant departments of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.
• On Tuesday, October 15, 2013, the study of the restoration of the ancient theatre of Sparta was approved by the Central Archaeological Council.
• On Thursday, May 08, 2014, the contract for the assignment of a topographic study for the project “Construction of a dependent topographical diagram of a property owned by Dimosthenis Matala in zone A of the archaeological site of the Acropolis of Sparta, south of the ancient theatre” was signed at the offices of the Diazoma Association. The contract was signed by the president of the DIAZOMA Association, Mr. Stavros Benos and by Mr. Ioannis Yaxoglou, Rural and Surveying Engineer. The assignment of the above topographic study was carried out after the important donation of land made by Mr. Dimosthenis Matalas, former Mayor of Sparta, to the Greek State and the Ministry of Culture. The plot is located within zone A of the archaeological site of the Acropolis of Sparta, south of the ancient theatre.
• The J.M. Kaplan Fundation, operating in New York, donated $ 100,000 (€ 81,070.13) in February 2018 for the enhancement of the theatre in order to reinforce the first phase of the associated restoration works.