A glimpse into the modern history of Sikyon’s ancient theater

Recently, the Diazoma association had the pleasure of being handed over by Tassos Polatoglou, a committed and passionate man of culture, a rare digital photographic material concerning the ancient theater of Sikyon. Beyond their aesthetic value, these exceptional photographic documents enrich our knowledge of this beautiful theater, also informing us about its use during the

The Ancient Greek Island of Delos Gets Its First Contemporary Art Installation

Source: smithsonianmag.com By Brigit Katz The tiny island of Delos offers an exceptionally rich window into the world of the ancient Greeks. Visitors can roam among the sanctuaries, theaters and opulent homes that harken back to the island’s long history as a religious, political and commerical center, which thrived from around the 8th century B.C. to the days

Completion of the innovative program “Education, Entrepreneurship and Culture” 2018-2019

Source in Greek: dept.aueb.gr  PRESS RELEASE 06/13/2019 The innovative education program “Education, Entrepreneurship and Culture”, a product of the collaboration between the Athens University of Economics and Commerce and the DIAZOMA Association during the academic year 2018-2019 under the Program of studies in the sciences of education, was completed on June 12, 2019 by the evaluation

International Network of Ancient Theatres: International Seminar in Venice

The International Seminar “Greek and Roman Theatres in the Mediterranean Area” held at the IUAV University of Venice was successfully completed on June 11 and 12, 2019. At the seminar, the innovative project “International Network of Ancient Theatres (I.N.A.T.)”, which is being implemented by the DIAZOMA Association, IUAV and the University of Seville (see International

Monuments are better protected when they are part of citizens’ lives

Source; www.economia.gr The challenge for our country is to shift the current policy of cultural management from a static to dynamic approach and to the production of new forms Interview by Lalela Chryssanthopoulou – Greek Business File: June, July, August issue  How can archaeological sites become functional and friendly to the general public, assuming an educational, social and cultural role? It is

Archaeology: Fragment with inscription in Ancient Greek from 2nd century found in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv

Source; sofiaglobe.com   A fragment with an inscription in Ancient Greek, dating from the first decades of the second century CE, has been found at the Great Basilica site in Bulgaria’s second city Plovdiv. The dig team headed by Zheni Tankova made the find on June 7, Plovdiv news website podtepeto reported on June 11. They

DIAZOMA Association takes action for the restoration of the Ancient Theater of Sparta

Source; Greek Business File June – July- August 2019, No 121 www.economia.gr “The Restoration of the Ancient Theater of Sparta: Local, National and Global Responsibility” was the central theme of the 6th meeting of the corporate members of the DIAZOMA Association which took place in Sparta from 5 to 7 April. The Stavros Niarchos Foundation

2019 European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards: Special Mentions

Source; www.europanostra.org The Special Mentions of the European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards 2019 were made public today by Europa Nostra and the European Commission. This year, the Awards’ Juries granted Special Mentions to 11 heritage achievements from 9 European countries taking part in the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. The Special Mentions

Painting exhibition: “Artistic journey in the seven ancient theaters of Epirus”

The public will have the opportunity to admire a great painting exhibition tracing the “journey” of the artist Leandros Spartioti, a native of Preveza, throughout the seven ancient theaters of Epirus from May 17 to June 20, 2019 in the STOART KORAI gallery. This “Artistic journey in the seven ancient theaters of Epirus” is the

Special reference to the association DIAZOMA in the special edition of the Figaro “Eternal Athens”

A great tribute to the city of Athens was published a few days ago by the French daily newspaper Le Figaro, in a special 160-page edition entitled “Athènes éternelle”, “Eternal Athens”, part of “Le Figaro Hors-série”, a series focusing on art and culture. This issue dedicated to Athens presents the classical city but also the

The12th General Assembly of Diazoma Association

12th General Assembly of DIAZOMA September 18-22, 2019 Naxos and Delos Following the decision of the board of directors of the association DIAZOMA of 19 December 2017, the 12th general assembly of the association will take place in the islands of Naxos and Delos from Wednesday 18 to Sunday 22 September 2019. The island of

Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus

Source; tornosnews.gr Originally built as a place of worship for the followers of Dionysus, this 4th century BC theatre was discovered as late as 1971 and is located at the Ancient Epidaurus port. Visitors have to pass by a beautiful, fragrant orange grove in order to enter the venue. The Little Theatre currently features performances by

Temple of Nemesis Discovered Under Ancient Theater in Mytilene, Greece

Source; greekreporter & Archaeological Institute of America  An ancient Greek temple dedicated to the goddess Nemesis has been discovered in the ruins of an ancient theater in Mytilene, AMNA news agency reported on Thursday. The remains of the temple were found in the south entry passage (párodos in Greek) of the theater, under a series of large limestone blocks. According to experts

Convergences Greece Forum (video)

For the 1st time in Greece came Convergences, the interactive and innovative forum that brings together opposing worlds for a good reason! The Convergences Greece Forum took place in Athens on the 1 & 2 April 2019 at the historical theatre OLYMPIA and the Hub Events. Its main focus was on the UΝ Sustainable Development Goal 11 Sustainable

Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War a Theatrical Sensation in Athens

Source; the national herald Co-production: Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall Dramaticus In collaboration with the DIAZOMA Association ATHENS – The Megaron Athens Concert Hall is hosting, May 7-14, the sequel to Lessons of War, an original dramatization of Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War that in 2018 became the “talk of the town,” cherished by critics